We are very much looking forward to the return of all our customers, but there are new rules and regulations we have to follow for everybody’s safety. There is a new way of service for our staff and we ask if you could all be patient when joining us for eating or drinking as we are going to be doings our very best to make it the most comfortable and relaxing time when you are with us.

All of our tables in the garden have been measured and taped to the recommended 1+ metres between them. Everyone will be taken to a table whether it is eating or drinking which we ask you to remain at unless it is to use the toilets or exiting the garden. Table service will be the only way to place orders for your drinks or food, which will then be delivered to what we call a ‘drop off table’ also measured 1+ metres away from your table.

On arrival we will be asking all of our customers to provide names, contact numbers and email address’s. This is to assist the NHS with their track and trace program and is not optional. All details will be kept for 21 days and destroyed after this time.

Hand sanitiser will be made available throughout the premises and all customers will be encouraged to use this during their visit.

Thank you for your patience and supporting us through this time.

We are open to suggestions on different themed nights you would like to see at our cosy country pub.